Benefits of Volvo Penta Power


More Power. Less CO2

Reducing CO2 emissions is a challenge Volvo Penta takes seriously and works with constantly. By combining clean engines with efficient drive systems and accessories that enable eco-driving, we are able to offer a seemingly impossible combination: more performance with less CO2.

Performance with fuel efficiency
The Volvo Penta common rail diesel Aquamatic offers absolute top-class performance - with 30% less fuel consumption and emissions compared with gasoline alterantives.
The Volvo Penta IPS revolution
In one stroke, the Volvo Penta IPS reduced fuel consumption and overall emissions by around 30% compared with inboard shafts. A gigantic improvement by any standard.
Exceeds stringent demands
The entire D series diesel engine range complies with the most rigorous environmental demands: US EPA - a regulation significantly more stringent than the European RCD regulation.
Gasoline catalytic converter
Our 4- and 8-cylinder gasoline engines are available with catalytic converters that dramatically reduce emissions. They comply with California's CARB 4 star, the world's most stringent emission regulation.